Wednesday, July 31st at 6 PM

Join master storyteller Joe McHugh for an entertaining, rib tickling, talk on the history and art of classic joke telling. Joe will examine how humor helps improve a person’s physical as well as mental health, and how the telling of good jokes can foster social connections, and that’s something we all could use given these stressful times. So be prepared to laugh, add some great jokes to your joke repertoire, and pick up a few pointers on how best to tell a joke. You can even bring a joke or two to share, but only the clean ones. As we all know; Laughter is the Best Medicine.
Joe McHugh has performed for audiences for over forty years and loves humorous anecdotes, tall tales, and jokes. With his wife Paula, he has helped create Hardy Har Cards, a unique website that has created a simple way for members to send funny jokes as e-greeting cards to friends and family with their own personal message added. Funny stories about lawyers, preachers, politicians, hunters, and fishermen, about showing up at the gates of Heaven, about being married or asking for directions, trying to outsmart someone in a trade, funny stories about animals, farm life, and what happens when we grow old—well you get the idea, not one-liners or puns, but longer story jokes with great punchlines.
Come learn about the fun and have some laughs.